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Freedom of Information

Local Government Division

The Local Government Division is responsible for the control, co-ordination, supervision and monitoring of the functions of Local Government, as well as to assist the Ministry in the formulation of strategies, policies and legislation as may be required from time to time.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Local Government (Monitoring and Support) Department

The Department is responsible for the monitoring of the functions and operations of local authorities within Malta and Gozo (Regional Councils and Local Councils in full respect of the principle of local autonomy and in line with Local Government Legislation and policies, as well as to provide support and assistance to for the effective, efficient and professional conduct of local authorities.  The Department is also responsible for the administration of the financial subvention to local authorities in terms of the Local Government Act (Chapter 363, Laws of Malta) and the relative subsidiary legislation.

Functions and Responsibilities of the Local Government – Strategy and Implementation Directorate

The Directorate is responsible to carry out the functions of Strategy and Policy Implementation, in particular spearheading and assisting in the Local Government Reform, the effective implementation of the Electoral Manifesto, the Decentralization Processes, and the design and processing of Schemes and Projects aimed for local authorities.  The Directorate is also responsible to carry out research and propose innovative initiatives for local authorities in line with the objective of rendering local authorities more efficient and cost-effective.

a)         Personal Data of the Local Government Division Officials;
b)         Attendance and absence records;
c)         Discipline related Records;
d)        Financial records including payslips, tax and national insurance contributions, procurement documentation, etc.;
e)         Documents relating to EU Funding Programmes;
f)          Medical Records;
All other records that are pertinent to the Division’s operations.​

1.         Legislation, Manuals, Circulars, Policies regulating Public Officers


SMC Manuals: Public Service Management Code

Manual regarding the One-Stop-Shop for Public Officers
Click here for the English version of this manual​

ode of Ethics for Public Employees
The Code of Ethics governing the behaviour of Public Employees is established in the First Schedule of the Public Administration Act (PAA) (Cap 497).​

This C
ode of Ethics is adopted within a framework of principles which are fundamental to the ethos governing behaviour, which have been identified as: public trust, serving the public and business community, responsibility to the Government of the day, productivity and flexibility and public employee’s rights.


Refund Policy​

Refund Policy
Refunds Consent Form​​​

Skills Profiling 

Sponsorship and Study Leave Manual:

Resourcing Manuals
Click he​re ​​​​to download the Manual for Public Sector Entities. 
Click here​ to download the Manual on Industrial Relations and the Selection and Appointment Process under Delegated Authority in The Malta Public Service – (Version 4.1 as on 10 August​ 2018).​
Click here​​ to download a list of the latest updates to the “Manual on the Selection and Appointment Process under Delegated Authority in the Malta Public Service”.  (Updated on 31  January 2018​).
Click here​ to download the presentation “The Selection and Appointment Process under Delegated Authority in the Malta Public Service” – Version 2 as on 1st February 2016

The regulations of the Public Service Commission
Public Administration Act
PSC General Regulations
PSC Appointments Regulations​
Disciplinary Procedure in the Public Service Commission Regulations

Other Manuals:
Guidelines on the Public Service Recruitment Portal​​
Nomination Process for Headship Positions
Social Media in the Public Service
Position Descriptions of Assistant Directors (OPM Circular 1/2019)​

2.      Legislation and other regulatory documents affecting the members of the public

a.       Local Government Act (Cap. 363)

b.      Public Administration Act (Cap. 595)​

FOI Officer

A complaint may be lodged by filling the Complaint to Public Authority Form (available from the FOI Officer or from the FOI website) and forward it to the FOI officer, Department for Local Government, 26, Archbishop Street, Valletta. The FOI officer will inform the complainant about the outcome of his/her complaint within 10 working days, informing about the possibility to lodge an appeal with the Information and Data Protection Commissioner (IDPC) in accordance and 23 of the Freedom of Information Act, Cap. 496.

Office Hours
Winter Time:- 1 October – 15 June – 07.45 – 17.15
Summer Time:- 16 June – 30 September – 07.30  – 13.30 

Members of the public who request information are to f
ill in the required form which can be accessed from the FOI website​ via e-ID or online form, or can send an email on

Address: Local Government Division, 26 Archbishop Street, Valletta.

Cash payments should be effected at the Local Government Division, 26 Archbishop Street, Valletta during office hours and cheques made payable to the Permanent Secretary Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government.

Local Government Division
26, Archbishop Street,
Valletta VLT 1443


Contact Information

Ministry for the National Heritage, the Arts and Local Government
Old Treasury Street